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7/09/09 Call for Submissions

Call For SubmissionsSamhain Publishing “Space Opera Anthology”

The details:

  • Deadline: August 10, 2009
  • Length: novella (25k-30k)
  • General Genre: all genres of romance and erotica, as well as fantasy, urban fantasy and science fiction with strong romantic elements
  • Specific for Anthology: “The only rule is the story should be set mainly or entirely in space and the romance must end happily ever after or happy for now.”

White Rose Publishing “Hearts Crossing”

The details:

  • Deadline: September 30, 2009
  • Length: novella (20k-25k)
  • General Genre: Contemporary Romance (or any sub-genre thereof)
  • Specific for Anthology: Must use publisher’s provided synopsis and characters for the story

Shine Anthology

The details:

  • Deadline: August 1, 2009
  • Length: 10k
  • General Genre: Science Fiction
  • Specific for Anthology: “Convincing and optimistic: Imagine that we are the biggest skeptics on the planet, then show us how things can change for the better, and persuade us.

Hint Fiction Anthology

The details:

  • Deadline: submissions accepted between August 1 to August 31 (midnight EST)
  • Length: a story of 25 words or less that suggests a larger, more complex story (may submit up to two stories)
  • General Genre: Any
  • Specific for Anthology: “We want stories we can read again and again and never tire of. Stories that don’t pull any punches. Stories that make us think, that evoke some kind of emotional response.”

Three Day Novel Contest

The details:

  • Deadline: September 5-7, 2009 (over the long Labor Day weekend)
  • Length: Any but most likely novel length (at least 90k)
  • General Genre: Any genre, any subject
  • Specific for Contest: Entrance fee of $50; manuscript can be sent in to be judged although that isn’t a requirement
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